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Esport is strongly affected by the Corona crisis. The ESBD has now issued a letter of recommendation for the German scene.

The ESL One Los Angeles has been postponed, the gaming fair E3 has been cancelled and almost every major event in Germany is held without spectators. Reason for this are measures to avoid an uncontrolled spread of the corona virus.

More online tournaments

In the catalogue of recommendations published on Friday, the eSport-Bund Deutschland e.V. (ESBD) is going to follow the statements of the federal, state and local authorities. It is also advised to postpone or cancel events with over 1000 participants in general: “If possible, tournaments and leagues should be reduced either to a spectatorless studio operation or to a pure online participation by teams.

This is what happened, for example, with the ESL Pro League, which is being played online for the time being. Similarly, the Prime League is also acting as the national League of Legends top house.

The association also specifically addresses approaches to events: “Organisers should hang signs in the sanitary facilities for employees, players and visitors. Commonly used equipment and hardware should be cleaned with appropriate disinfectants before and after use.

In popular sports, too, there will be changes according to the advice of the sport representatives. Clubs with their own premises will at best switch to digital communication and online games.

demands on politicians
At the end of the catalogue, the association once again directly addresses politics under the heading of economic support: “The ESBD calls on the Federal Government to initiate appropriate support and measures to promote economic growth in such a crisis situation.

Especially in the Esport-economy it is rather small and medium-sized companies, as well as freelancers, who operate the market. It is hitting the current crisis hard thanks to short-term loss of earnings.

The complete catalogue of measures can be found on the ESBD website.

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