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Large sums of money have also arrived in esport. The figures from the purchase of the Danish Heroic lineup for FPX show the scope of our activities.

Between 1.6 and 1.8 million dollars: This is what the Chinese organization Fun Plus Pheonix is prepared to pay for the quintet around CS:GO player Casper “cadiaN” Møller. This is what the French journalist neL reports on Twitter.

This means that its coverage is approximately the same as that of the Danish news channel TV2. There, a sum of 25 million Danish kroner was mentioned, which would be the equivalent of 3.7 million US dollars.

Part of the FLASHPOINT system?
However, TV2’s bill is said to still include two million dollars as start-up money for the new FLASHPOINT franchise league. FPX, as a founding member, would first have to spend this in order to participate in the turnover of the league.

According to neL’s sources, this option amounts to a free test phase in the first year, after which a decision on the league’s future can be made by the Chinese.

Transfer sums are nothing new in the Counter Strike world. Already superstar Nikola “NiKo” Kovac is said to have switched from mousesports to FaZe for almost half a million US dollars in 2017. Also the two Danish gamers Josh “Snappy” Gauntt and Jakob “JUGi” Hansen are said to have left Heroic for OpTic Gaming in 2018 for 500,000 US dollars according to information from the Danish media service BT.

League start without BIG
For FPX and the new lineup the season in the FLASHPOINT league starts today, Friday. The team has to play in group C and meets Cloud9, Orgless and Dignitas. The German team BIG has qualified for the league, but will not participate for internal reasons, as manager Christian Lenz announced on Twitter.

Due to the departure of Heroic from the ESL Pro League, there is the possibility that BIG will move up into the league.

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