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Ten years, ten games: FIFA has been the most popular games brand on the console in the German market over the past decade. On the PC, the life simulation “The Sims” was more successful than any other series.

Now it is official: FIFA is the most popular game on consoles in Germany, followed by Nintendo games with the Italian protagonist Mario and the first-person shooter series Call of Duty. FIFA not only won the first place, but is even the only sports simulation among the top 20. On PC, FIFA only made it to the thirteenth place, followed by Football Manager at #16.

On the PC, the games and add-ons of the life simulation “The Sims” were the most successful in the past decade. The Call of Duty shooter series once again made it into the top three with second place, while the CoD competitor Battlefield was less successful from 2010 to 2019, finishing fifth on PC and ninth on consoles.

The perennial favourites: Grand Theft Auto and World of Warcraft
In the past decade, only one game in the Grand Theft Auto series was released in 2013 with GTA V, but the series still ranks fifth on consoles and eleventh on PC. Even more impressive is the MMORPG World of Warcraft, which was released in 2004 and still ranks fourth among the most popular PC games after sixteen years. In the past ten years, five expansions and the new edition “WoW: Classic” have been released.

The build-up strategy series “The Settlers” also enjoyed great popularity among PC gamers over the past decade, although the last part was already released in 2010. The business simulation Anno was even more popular, reaching sixth place in PC games.

Console Top, PC Flop: The Lego games
The Lego games show the biggest difference in sales. They occupy fourth place among consoles, and among PCs they have only just made it into the top 20. Lego games are also known for being optimized for controllers, and a total of 21 titles have been released for Xbox and PlayStation since 2009. By securing various licenses, Lego covers the most popular universes with the games, from Harry Potter to Marvel’s superheroes and Lord of the Rings, there is a Lego game for everyone.

Why is…?
The game – Association of the German Games Industry has published the ranking of the most successful game series of the past decade. The results are a survey conducted by the company GfK Entertainment, which examined the number of data carriers sold. Accordingly, the survey ignores sales on Steam or other online platforms.

The reason why popular games such as League of Legends or the game series of Counter-Strike and Dota are missing is that only sales figures were analyzed here. Because the titles mentioned are free, they were not included in the ranking.


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