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Call of Duty: Warzone is currently on everyone’s lips. In the Battle Royale, players are particularly puzzling over the function of bunkers, laptops and telephones.
Warzone breathes new life into the Battle Royale genre. With 150 players per round, the game promises hardcore action and exciting games, but in addition to exciting shoot-outs, there are also the odd Easter Egg on Map Verdansk. Many players are currently busy finding out more about the scattered bunkers, laptops and phones on the map.

You can interact with the objects and enter codes. However, this seems to have no effect at all. If these are not just functionless Easter Eggs, there are only two possibilities. Either the correct handling has not been found out yet or it is content that has to be unlocked in the future.

Secret places for the best loot?
YouTuber “S0ur” summarizes in a video what he found out so far about the bunkers, phones and laptops. His probably most interesting finding: The loot, which theoretically should be found in the bunkers, represents a new level of quality.

For S0ur this is the proof that there must be a way into the bunkers. However, the call of duty veteran has not yet been able to determine what role computers and telephones play in this context.

That the content of the Easter Eggs has yet to come into play is revealed in another video. In the YouTuber MrDarlekJD’s contribution, the content creator shows how a drone makes it into the inside of a bunker. The result: nothing. This suggests that there will be a big patch in the future where this secret could be revealed.


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