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The new Battle Royale mode in Call of Duty attracts many streamers and places the game at the top of the twitch charts. With so much traffic, there are not only useful tips and tricks to marvel at, but also the odd conflict or two.

Since almost a week the new mode in Call of Duty is now playable. 150 players fight simultaneously on one map and try to take all others out of the game. Whoever is left as the last team wins. Since the mode is currently played in teams of 3 players, it’s a good idea for streamers like Matt “Nadeshot” Haag or Tyler “Ninja” Blevins to play together and cross-promote at the same time.

Ninja criticizes Nadeshot
On Friday Timothy “TimTheTatman” Betar, Ninja and Nadeshot played a few rounds of Warzone. After TimTheTatman and Ninja were taken out of the game, Nadeshot was left alone. But the mixer star didn’t really seem to like the way of playing:

What exactly happened? The three streamers, which together have over eight million followers, played a few rounds of CoD: Warzone. This combination of three is in itself a guarantee to win this game. But when players with different playing styles come together, it can cause stress – which is exactly what happened here. Ninja is known for his aggressive and Nadeshot for his cautious and tactical style.

However, Tyler didn’t like this approach, so he provocatively commented on Nadeshot’s style with, “You’re not doing anything for the game right now!

Both Tim and Matthew were audibly annoyed by the mixer streamer. In the end, the founder of the Esport team lost 100 Thieves in 1vs1 and the subsequent fight in the Gulag.

Angry about the whole situation, Nadeshot ended his stream without saying goodbye to the crowd.

Do you think Ninja has gone too far or is this part of the game in your opinion? Write to us via our social media!


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