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Soccer star Sergio Agüero announces his own Esport organization. With this move, he joins the ranks of numerous other athletes who have dared to take the step into the gaming world.

Sergio Agüero is a world-famous professional footballer who currently plays for Manchester City. The Argentinean has discovered his passion for video games and twitchstreams in recent months. In May 2020, he even managed to become number 1 of the fastest growing twitch channels according to His account SLAKUN10 already has over 2.5 million followers.

Announcement via Twitter
Besides his streaming successes, Agüero has many followers on various other social media platforms, which he is now activating for his project. On Twitter he teases his organization “KRÜ Esports” with a trailer. With eye-catching light shows he has already convinced more than 44,000 followers to follow his Esport site.

From the trailer we could take the following game titles:

– Rocket League
– Rainbow Six: Victories
– FIFA 21
– League of Legends
– Street Fighter V
– Fortnite
– Hearthstone

When does it start?
According to the official website, more information is planned for November 15th. So it is not yet clear when Agüero’s teams will participate in competitions.

In any case there is more than enough competition for KRÜ. With Gareth Bale or David Beckham several sports stars have already dared to take the step into esport. But so far no organization of a professional sportsman has dared to take part in such a wide range of games.


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