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The hype around the game “Valorant” by Riot Games proves how popular the shooter genre is. But why do first-person shooters attract so many players?

The new shooter “Valorant” already had over one million viewers on Twitch on the first day of the closed beta. The principle of getting a drop while watching and then getting the longed-for access to the game worked perfectly, many watched and immediately made the game a darling of the public.

Also, Valorant is not the only shooter that enjoys great popularity. Other games like “Rainbow 6 Siege”, “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” or “Overwatch” have had a large player base for many years and are among the most successful Esport titles.

The reason for the great popularity of shooter games is undoubtedly the multiplayer modes and the associated competitive character of the game. Every player can usually quickly understand the concept and thus directly enter the game. The principle is: “Easy to learn, hard to master.” Also new viewers find quickly into the events and can see what is happening on the server.

Since most games are turn-based, coordination as a team is especially important, playing with good friends is more fun, but can also put one or the other friendship to the test. After each round you have the opportunity to reconsider mistakes and to reposition yourself. For example, it is possible to get back into the game and win even if you have a big deficit. In MOBA games like “League of Legends” or “Dota 2” this is hardly possible.

Despite popularity in the critics

In 2018, the shooter genre was in second place with a market share of over 20 percent and was only surpassed in popularity by action games. However, in Germany the genre is still frowned upon, especially by society. The Federal Agency for Civic Education writes that the effect of violent computer games is highly controversial among researchers. Previous research results say that there is no simple and generally valid connection between the consumption of violent depictions and real violence. Nevertheless, violent games probably involve a certain risk of triggering or intensifying real violence in the player. However, games are not the sole cause of problematic and violent behaviour.

A further problem is that many minors play shooters despite the USK licence plates concerned. It is actually the responsibility of the legal guardians to prevent this. Shooters are now also designed for a young audience from the outset, so that the fun of the genre is awakened even earlier.


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