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Faze reacts to Fortnite professional’s racism scandal

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Fortnite professional Daniel “Dubs” Walsh has caused a stir in the Fortnite community with a racist statement. He is not the first of his guild at the FaZe Clan. The organization has had enough of scandals and is taking preventive measures.
Dubs could be heard last Saturday in a twitch-stream of one of his friends. He was transmitting a round of fortnite when Dubs suddenly pronounced the N-word loud and clear. His friend panicked and pointed out to him that he was already streaming, but the damage had already been done: the whole Twitch world could hear the racist saying of the well-known Fortnite professional who caused a sensation at the Fortnite World Cup in the summer of 2019.

Dubs is not an ordinary player in the vast mass of semi-successful streamers, but one of the best Fortnite players in the world. Together with teammate Noam “Megga” Ackenine the US-American reached seventh place in the last World Cup. Since then, the 16-year-old has become an integral part of the extended circle of favourites in fortnite tournaments. With his successes in the Battle Royale, Dubs gathered a community of over 280,000 fans on his Twitter channel.

Repent on Twitter
Dubs apologized with a Twitter post for his moral deficiency. He said he didn’t mean to hurt anybody. But it was hurtful, insensitive and wrong. The word should not have been part of his vocabulary.

But his apology is not accepted by all parts of the community. Many users continue to criticize him sharply in the comments of his post. Dubs would allegedly only apologize because he was exposed. The word should not be in his vocabulary from the start and he would not take the apology seriously.

FaZe Clan wants to “educate” members
All these scandals do not seem to leave the FaZe management untouched. The organization announced on Twitter that they will suspend Dubs indefinitely.

Until then, Dubs is not allowed to represent the brand in any way. In addition, he must undergo sensitization training. As a precaution, this training is also mandatory for all other members of FaZe Clan. Thus further scandals shall be counteracted preventively.

Only the top of the Scandal Mountain
The FaZe clan seems to have an unlucky hand for controversial players. Dub’s action was only a negative headline in the now extensive extra page of the FaZe Clan News.

Especially in the last year and in the current year the problems increased. For example, FaZe member Jarvis Kaye was banned from Fortnite for life in November 2019. After the then 17-year-old tested an aimbot for a YouTube video, developer Epic Games took harsh consequences and forbade him to ever play Fortnite again or produce content for Battle Royale.

Team mates Trevor “FunkBomb” Siegler and Nate Hill join the chronicle of cheat scandals. In a fall skirmish tournament last September, FunkBomb gave the position and life points of the opponents to Nate Hill. Epic Games then excluded players from further tournaments in the series.

Star streamer Tfue reacts to Dubs derailment
Not only cases of fraud, but also racism have already occurred in the past of the FaZe clan. The former member and meanwhile most successful Twitch streamer gymnast “Tfue” Tenney attracted attention several times by various racist comments, for which he was partly banned from Twitch for a short time.

Tfue also commented on the Dubs scandal. He is of the opinion that the whole situation is “strange” and “somewhat cringe”. But you should also keep in mind that everyone makes mistakes at this young age. But Tfue didn’t want to call the statement a slip either.

The biggest controversy in the history of FaZe Clan happened under the hashtag #ReleaseTheContract. Tfue sued his former employer and pilloried his allegedly unfair contract.

Tfue not only took legal action against FaZe, but also involved the community. The #ReleaseTheContract campaign and numerous videos made waves that reached far beyond the Fortnite scene – and damaged the facade of the most famous eSports clan in the world.

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