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Monday, June 5, 2023

VBL in Fifa 20: These 24 players made it to the Grand Final!

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24 players will compete for the Virtual Bundesliga bowl on 28 and 29 March. At the weekend the Grand Final was completed with the best 12 players of the VBL Playoffs.
Among others, world champion Mohammed “MoAuba” Harkous qualified.

Twelve more players have qualified for the VBL Grand Final this weekend. They will meet the players from the first six teams of the VBL Club Championship in Cologne on 28 and 29 March to fight for the title of German FIFA20 Champion.

The national player Niklas “NRaseck 7” Raseck lost in the quarter finals and could also not use his last-chance-match. Here the Cologne player Jan-Niklas “Bomber J N F” Flöck won 1:0 and 3:0.

All qualified players for the VBL Grand Final:

Both on 28 and 29 March you can watch the spectacle on site. For Sunday you can buy tickets here and on Saturday the entrance is even free.

If you live a bit further away, you can watch the finale from home. On March 29th the Virtual Bundesliga will be broadcasted live on ProSieben MAXX from 5:30 pm on.

Which results surprised you? Who is your favourite for the Grand Final? Write us on Facebook or Twitter!

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