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After many have complained about the “Legacy Control” setting in Fortnite, the target help will be removed from the game with the next update.Since last season, console players have noticed that the target help can be used to locate enemies that are not yet visible.
If you press the L2 button on the Playstation or the LT button on the Xbox, the targeting aid attacks and adjusts the shooting direction to hit the opponent. Stupid only if this also happens when the opponent is not yet visible.

The Youtuber OrangeGuy_YT demonstrated this problem and shared the whole thing on Twitter:

As you can see, you see nothing. At least when it comes to the opponent. But with the aim-help you can still locate the enemy and even follow the movement when you push the Aim button.This setting was originally introduced to allow console players to compete against PC players who can aim faster with a keyboard and mouse than with a controller.

With the update that will be released on March 13, 2020, this setting will be removed. After the update, the settings of all players using the “Use Legacy Look Controls” setting will be reset. However, until the update, you should still be able to transfer your own controller settings.

How much have you benefited from the target assistance? Do you think it is good that the help is removed? Write us your opinion about our social media!


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