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On Thursday evening a serious problem occurred at RB Leipzig during the Virtual Bundesliga. SV Werder Bremen profited from it. But what happened?
In the doubles between SV Werder Bremen and RB Leipzig there were controller problems in the game with Alexander “Alex Czapi” Czaplok, the Xbox player of RB Leipzig.

After the 2-2 equalization of the Leipzig players, the players noticed that the controller of Alex Czapi had a malfunction: The controller was faulty. In the final minutes of the game, the Bremen team scored the goal against the opponents.

The moderator Max Zielke went into the situation again and asked Cihan to describe the problem.

It is understandable that the Leipzigers were annoyed about the loss of points due to a technical error. Even opponent Megabit spoke about “a victory we cannot be happy about”. But the Bremen team will certainly not complain about the points.

After the technical faux pas, the red bulls are only in ninth place and are three points behind the top 6 (Grand Final places).

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