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Cyberpunk 2077: How much does your life path really affect the story?

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A fan overview of all the unique dialogues shows which Lifepath has the most to say and where you can make special choices.

Nomad, street kid or corpo – this question comes up before each new playthrough in Cyberpunk 2077. You decide by which personal background your character V was shaped. And this also has an impact on the game, above all you get some special dialogue options or decisions. But how much of an impact does it really have?

All special life path dialogues

Reddit user Veenendaler has done a lot of diligent work to answer this question. The result is a graphic showing all the unique conversation options that is only available for that particular lifepath Be careful, there are of course spoilers in the picture!

We summarise the results for you without any spoilers.

Who has the most life path dialogues? Corpo-V has the most special dialogues overall according to the chart, especially during the big main story missions. Nomad-V, on the other hand, has the least variety and only two special lines of dialogue in all of Act 3. Street urchins have only slightly more special dialogue than Nomads.

How does this affect? Your chosen life path does not significantly alter the course of Cyberpunk 2077’s story – so you don’t need to worry about spoiling a certain ending with your choice. Nevertheless, your background does have a noticeable effect: It determines your intro and lets you go special ways in some situations.

Corpo-V, of course, has been washed with all the Arasaka waters and can therefore assert itself more easily against other Corpos. The special dialogue options mainly refer to Meredith, Takemura and Hanako. Street kid-V already knows his way around Night City, which is especially evident in his special knowledge about the gangs and everyday life there. And Nomad-V knows all about clan life outside the city, but has few options in conversations with Corpos.

What do players say about this? In the (comments) below the post there is a lot of praise for Veenendaler’s work. Opinions about the dialogue options themselves vary: some players think the background has too little noticeable effect, others enjoy playing through the game several times to find all the differences if possible.

How many of your life path options you actually get to see in the game depends on your choice of missions. As a Nomad, you will (logically) have more special things to say when dealing with the Aldecaldos. As a Corpo you will have a lot to talk about, especially in Takemura’s missions and the optional ending “The Devil”.

The announced patch 1.5 is slowly approaching. It is supposed to contain many changes – but a much-noticed leak turned out to be a fake. We want to know your opinion! What do you wish for the next update? Let us know in the comments!


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