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The best healers in WoW Burning Crusade Classic: All four classes in the ranking

They are there when things get tough. Healers in WoW are vital for raids as well as in PvP. We show you which healer is the best one.

If you are wondering which healer is best to play in World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic, you can take a look at our list. Here you can find all four healers in the ranking. Those who prefer to deal out damage should take a look at our DPS ranking for Burning Crusade Classic. We have also listed and explained the best tanks in a separate article.

The best healer in Burning Crusade Classic

Already some players have reached level 70 and already started raiding, but the data is not yet sufficient to provide first analyses. Therefore, we orientate ourselves on the website wowtbc.gg, which has evaluated all kinds of data and logs from the beta, as well as various forums and discords.

The following rankings are only a forecast and will be updated as soon as enough raid and PvP data is available.

Healer Ranking PvE Dungeons and Raids

Restoration Shaman

The Restoration Shaman is no longer reserved for the Horde with Burning Crusade Classic, so you can also play the strongest healer as an Alliance player. Especially his chain healing is a powerful healing spell for the whole group. But also his Mana Totem, which supplies not only him but also the other members with fresh spell energy, is a valuable addition in the raid.

Holy Paladin

Every WoW veteran knows the jokes about paladins who prefer to exchange their plate armour for cloth clothing. But you shouldn’t make too many jokes about the Holy Paladin, because in the raid he mainly keeps your tanks alive. In contrast to the Restoration Shaman, the Healing Paladin focuses on a few allies and strengthens the group’s defence with his auras.

Sacred Priest

We stay with sacred healers and take a look at the priest. You should definitely play him as a healer with his holy skill if you want to be useful in raids. As a universal healer, you can focus on individual allies or larger groups, depending on the rest of your raid. Your flexibility is appreciated in the raid.

Healer Ranking PvP Arena and Battlegrounds

Restoration Druid

While the Restoration Druid is still in second-to-last place in the PvE ranking (the Discipline Priest is not a useful healer in PvE), it is one of the most popular classes in PvP. Due to his new tree shape, which increases healing as well as reduces mana costs and the many HoTs (Heal over Time) skills, he has everything you could want from a healer in PvP.

Discipline Priest

While the Discipline Priest is completely unsuitable as a healer for raids and dungeons, he shines in the arena and on the battlefields. This is made possible by his ability to damage enemies by healing them. In addition, Power Word: Shield protects you from enemy attacks for a short time, so you can cast at your leisure to keep an ally alive.

Restoration Shaman

If you want to actively play PvP as a healer, we recommend you rather go for the Priest or Druid. However, if you like to play a mixed form of PvE and PvP, you can also keep your colleagues alive with the Restoration Shaman. Your earth shield protects you from enemy attacks.

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