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The whole LoL TFT Patch 10.23 summarized

TFT-Patch 10.23: Aphelios adjustments & Xin-Zhao rework

Aphelios receives once again changes in Patch 10.23 for Teamfight Tactics. Xin Zhao is happy about a rework. In addition, Lee Sin has been made a “god” on level 3. This is what the latest patch in TFT looks like.

The patch notes for the latest update in Teamfight Tactics are here. They correspond to the previously published preview by Mortdog.

Riot Games’ Lead Gameplay Designer for Teamfight Tactics, Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer, released his regular patch rundown on Sunday, revealing the planned content of the upcoming Update 10.23.

Aphelios-Tower with adjustments, rework for Xin Zhao

For Aphelios adjustments are planned again: His towers will no longer trigger on-attack effects like Guinsoo’s Rageblade and Statikk Shiv and will also no longer generate mana.

However, on-hit effects such as Spear of Shojin are still to be triggered. As a compensation, both the start mana and the mana costs will probably be massively reduced. In addition, the attack speed of Aphelios will be increased slightly.

Xin Zhao can most likely look forward to a rework of his ability. In addition to the damage caused to nearby enemies, this will give him Armor and Magic Resistance for the rest of the fight. His starting mana and his mana cost will probably be increased in the course of this.

Ahri plans to make her ability a channel with the next patch. This should make it possible to interrupt her ability. In such a case the ability would be activated prematurely and thus have a lower radius. The Spell Damage is also planned to be increased to levels 1 and 2.

Talon is expected to receive a new target for his ability. In the future, he should always attack the opponent with the lowest armor value. The time until the next jump after a successful kill will also be increased.

For Lee Sin, the plan is to improve his level 3 form. He shall become a “god” after the update. However, details about the adjustments were not mentioned.

The probably biggest change in the traits will be given to Cultist. The starting mana of Galio will be increased on all levels. In his 6 form he will lose some life, in his 9 form he will lose some base attack damage in addition to life. To compensate for these nerfs, however, Galio 9 would be immune to crowd control for the first eight seconds after being summoned.

Planned Unit, Item and Trait Adjustments

– Aphelios – Towers do not trigger on-attack effects like Rageblade/Statikk Shiv and do not provide mana anymore; towers continue to trigger on-hit effects like Spear of Shojin; less start mana and lower mana cost, more attack speed for Aphelios
– Zed – Higher AD-Steal and Spell-Damage at Level 1 & 2
– Akali – More attack speed
– Kalista – Higher percentage damage per arrow at level 3
– Katarina – Higher Spell-Damage on Level 1
– Know – More Armor & MR, lower Spell-Damage on level 3
– Xin Zhao – New ability: Xin deals damage to nearby enemies and gains Armor & MR for the rest of the fight; more starting mana and higher mana cost
– Ahri – Ability is now a channel and can be interrupted, reducing the size of the area; higher Spell Damage on Level 1 & 2
– Ashe – Less Life & Armor
– Sejuani – More Startmana & higher mana costs
– Talon – Target of ability now enemies with the lowest Armor value; time to next jump after successful kill increased
– Warwick – Shorter Fear duration and less Spell Attack speed at level 1 & 2
– Lee Sin – Level-3-Lee-Sin becomes a “god”, no exact details about the buffs
– Lillia – More Startmana & lower mana costs
– Kayn – Better targeting of the ability

– Cultist (Trait) – Galio’s starting mana on all levels higher, less life for Galio 6; less life and base AD for Galio 9, but CC immunity for eight seconds
– Dazzler (Trait) – Lower AD reduction (2-buff)
– Divine (Trait) – Higher Damage Reduction & True Damage, shorter duration (2-buff), longer duration (8-buff)
– Hunter (Trait) – Less bonus damage at all levels
– Fortune (Trait) – Added unique rewards for series with 10, 11 and 12 defeats
– Keeper (Trait) – Longer shield duration (4 and 6 buff), lower shield value (6 buff)

Until the release, the listed adjustments may still change. Patch 10.23 is expected to be released on the live servers on Wednesday, November 11.


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