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Today, on November 11, 2020, the pre-event for the upcoming Shadowlands expansion in World of Warcraft has been launched. This will provide some content and rewards – including a rare mount that you can usually only get once a day.

What is this mount? The blue protodragon has been in the game since Wrath of the Lich King – more than twelve years. To this day, however, it remains one of the most popular mounts in the game.

The reason for this might be that it is quite difficult to get. Or rather: He is damn rare. Actually, it is enough to make the instance Tower of Utgarde and kill the third boss “Skadi the Ruthless” there.

WoW Shadowlands Mount Pre-Event Protodragon

But the chance of getting the dragon is so small there that many players try in vain for months or even years to get it. This is partly due to the fact that each character can only try it once a day, after which there is an ID to the dungeon.

But with the current pre-event for the new expansion Shadowlands there is another chance for everyone who still wants to have the dragon.


So you have another chance: At the moment you can do the preevent in Eiskrone. At regular intervals, rare enemies will appear on the map as purple skulls.

These “rare mobs” are bosses from different instances in WotLK – including Turm Utgarde. Skadi is one of these rare enemies and has the same loot he has in the instance, only at a higher level.

Among them is the blue protodragon. So if you see Skadi, you can kill him and have a second chance to get the rare mount.

This is the catch: The respawn timer of the opponents is about 6 hours and 40 minutes. So you have to wait quite a while with some bad luck until you can kill Skadi. In addition, many players wait for the bosses and they are probably dead within seconds.

The players are not sure yet if the bosses can be loot several times a day. So with a bit of bad luck, even with this event, you will only have a second chance at the mount, but not more than once a day. As a rule of thumb: If the skull is on the minimap, you will probably get loot.

Either way, you would have to wait about seven hours for each attempt. So you need a lot of patience. This also causes boredom and many players now refer to the pre-event as “AFK simulator”.

What else does the event offer? The blue proto-dragon is not the only reward of the event. Each of the bosses has their loot with them, which can sometimes be quite useful. There are also rewards from the event itself.

WoW Nathanos Arrow Pre-Event

In addition to the event and the bosses in Icecrown, the event will also take place in the Eastern Plaguelands. There you will meet Nathanos Pestrufer, the servant of Sylvanas, who was already there for Classic.


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