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Leakers have published screenshots of Genshin Impact that reveal the contents of update 1.2. Next to an ice region you can see the new heroes.

Genshin Impact just received the continuation of its story as well as a third world boss, but the upcoming update 1.2 is already being tested in China. Some players are already reading information about the next area, the new characters and more.

Attention Leak: Although the information is from the official test server of the game, it does not have to be true. They are still not confirmed. It is possible that something else changes during the development or the information was not translated correctly from the Chinese translation.

Snow and ice in update 1.2
On some screenshots shared by a user on Reddit, you can see some low resolution pictures of Drachengrat, the new area. This is located south of Mondstadt and will make the world of the game even more varied. Because instead of idyllic green there is snow and frost here.

The title thus continues to build on one of its great strengths and builds on it. Already in our test we positively emphasized the design of the open world of the game and the varied and very differently designed areas.

Enemies, dungeons and mechanics
Frosty opponents: You can already see some of the new enemies on the pictures. The well-known big Hilichurls with their shield will be available in Udate 1.2 as a version with a Frost Shield, which you can most likely destroy with fire attacks.

More Domains: The new area will not only be a pure open world, you can also see some symbols on the map on the rendered screenshots, which could indicate new domains. But there is no more detailed information about them yet.

Will survival mechanics come? Another picture shows the main character standing in front of a torch. Below him you can also see an endurance bar with blue color. From this you can conclude that you might have to watch the temperature in Dragon’s Ridge to avoid freezing to death.

The new fighters
Two new heroes are also shown, who also did not yet appear in the older Leak, which presented models of eight characters. Both are supposed to appear in the banners of update 1.2. However, this has not yet been officially confirmed. So far it is still not clear which weapons they will use.

– Weapon: bow or one-handed sword
– Element: Geo
– Rarity: 5 stars

One of the newcomers you can see on the pictures is the blond haired Albedo. He is the leading alchemist of the Knights of Favonius. He is already mentioned in the various lore entries of the game.

– Weapon: Bow or Catalyst
– Element: Cryo
– Rarity: 5 stars

You first saw Ganyu at the end of Chapter 1, Act 2. In Update 1.1 her roles were expanded. She is half human and half Qilin, so she has a few horns on her head.

When will Update 1.2 be released?
You will see all this content later this year. The developer officially confirmed that Update 1.2 is scheduled for release on December 23, 2020. At that time he already explained that it will go to Drachengrat, where there will also be new activities.

Even before the new area comes, a new event will start on November 16, 2020, where you can play the 4-star character Fischl for free. The developer explained to us that this will also be very easy. At the moment, the previously announced web event is also running, where you can get some primary rocks as a reward.


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