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Since September 16th Fates is playable on the TFT live servers. The fourth set of the popular Auto-Chess title presents new origins and classes, and turns the TFT universe upside down with a key mechanism.

Teamfight Tactics reinvents itself completely in the new set. Fates brings with it a staggering 58 reworked champions, spread across 13 origins and 13 classes.

What changes in the new era?
In keeping with the theme of the set, “Fates”, these names are named like “Tormented”, “Exiled” or – more positively – “Lucky”. Champions receive certain attributes or passive abilities based on their affiliation, which makes certain combinations of characters strategically useful.

The central new key mechanics of the fourth set are Chosen Champions. These appear in the store during the game and are already at level 2 when purchased, as well as with stronger abilities and stats. Accordingly, you have to pay triple the amount of gold for these characters. Only one Chosen Champ can be owned per game – another catch that dampens this feature a bit.

How do you get started with the new set?
The beginning of a new TFT set is always characterized by a formative meta – namely none at all. Veterans as well as newcomers to the game are thrown in at the deep end and have to develop meaningful playing styles first.

Some players swear by a particularly aggressive strategy at this point in time in order to take their opponents by surprise and quickly rise in rank through Winstreaks. One way to do this is to buy a Chosen Champion early in the store to quickly achieve high synergies with other units and to overrun the opponent.

Outside the new mechanism, combinations of several champs of the origin twilight (Dusk) look very good in the new set. These could be completed especially with cultists. These have no direct abilities themselves due to their origin, but can summon a Galio together, which then enters the battle for its own team. The more cultists are on the team, the stronger Galio becomes.

Ancestral wood champions increase
It is also worth thinking about effective lineups around Ancestral Wood Champions (Elderwood), whose abilities mean autonomous growth and thus increasing values. Among the best champions of this kind are Ashe and Ezreal. Ezreal, with his Trueshot Barrage ability, is not only capable of firing a devastating volley at the enemy with the highest attack speed, but heals and accelerates allies. In addition, Origin Warlord can do a lot of good in the game with strong HP and skill boosts.

In general, a more flexible game style should be pursued due to the great game variability that Chosen Champions bring with them. If your goal is the Rank Up, you should keep in mind that within the Top 4 you will always score points, so it is enough to concentrate on one of these places while playing.



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