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The Season 6 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is about to start. Publisher Activision and developer Infinity Ward have released the official trailer. Additionally, the previously speculated subway network has been added. The new season starts on September 29th.

More mobility comes into play. Leaks to the subway – also called subway or metro, have been confirmed with the trailer. This is where everything happens underground. The underground gates will open on September 29th and seven different stops on Map Verdansk will be accessible.

The controlled subway stops are as follows:

A – Verdansk International Airport

B – Karst River Quarry

C – Verdansk stage

D – Downtown Tavorsk District

E – Barakett Promenade East

F – Verdansk Train Station

G – Torsk Bloc

The Season Six of CoD: Modern Warfare will be interesting because new weapons and operators will also come into play. The names of the two newest characters are Farah and Nikolai. One of the new rifles will be the AS VAL, which Nikolai carried at the end of the trailer. Through the CoD-Leaker BKTOOR_ there is already first gameplay footage of the AS VAL, which has a high fire rate.

Further weapons are to be announced in the near future. In the new Battle Pass, which will be free-to-play, all additional content can be unlocked. This includes the two operators, which most MW veterans already know from campaigns.

The last season in Modern Warfare will start in one week before a new CoD era is introduced with Black Ops Cold War on November 13th.


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