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Riot Games is producing its own reality show for League of Legends. The concept is based on western casting shows like The Voice of Germany. This is what the project is all about.

Riot Korea plans to produce a reality show. The show is structured like a casting show, in which the best amateurs in League of Legends compete against each other. The prize is a prize money and the possible start of a professional career.

What is the show about?
The reality show is called LoL – THE NEXT. It is scheduled to start on August 2nd and will be broadcast on the official channels (Twitch and Youtube) of the League of Legends Championship Korea (LCK). The teaser will give you a small impression of the show:

A total of 100 players take part in the show. The players are from Diamond level and higher. Each player has to go through a strict casting process and master various tasks. In the end, 10 players are left.

This is the prize
The final 10 players will be split into two separate teams, which will be led by four legendary Korean professionals. One team will be coached by Wolf and PawN and the other team by PraY and MaRin.

The final of the show between the two teams will take place in the LoL-Park – the home of the LCK. The winning team will receive a surprise, as well as approx. 41,770 US dollars. The prize money, however, has to be split between the 5 winners. In addition to the prize money, a possible career as a professional beckons to the players if they perform well.


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