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The newest champion to join the ranks is Lillia. The guide shows how Lillia behaves ingame and how you can get the most out of her. First of all we have to look at her skills.

Lillia is known for her ability to put the opponent to sleep. This alone makes her an interesting choice in terms of potential. But before we show the usefulness of the new champion in this respect, we’ll look at all her abilities.

Passive ability: Dream-Laden Bough
Lillia’s Passive ability marks enemies when hit with a car attack or Lillia’s Q. This causes percentage health-damage. Your Q . Blooming Blows – is roughly the same as Darius, with more range, which brings stacks of her passives to the target and deals a lot of damage.

Watch out! Eep!
Lillia’s W is Watch out! Eep! This is a batch which triggers a circle of damage on impact. The range is mediocre and you can’t get past walls, which classifies it almost exclusively as an offensive ability.

We continue directly with the E ability: Swirlseed. Lillia uses a bowling ball which rolls until it hits a target or terrain. If it hits a target or terrain successfully, it damages the opponent, slows him down and exposes him. Certainly it is difficult to hit this skill at a higher distance, or on the lane.

Ultimate: Lilting Lullaby
Lillias Ultimate is a multiple Zoe E. All targets marked with Lillias passives will first go into a sleepy state and then into a dormant state. The damage potential that results from this is enormous.

Lillia is a Mage designed for longer fights. She shines through a good mixture of harmonizing abilities. Her Q ability marks opponents with the passive, which is essential for the Ultimate. Her Q gives her movement speed, which is important to get in range for her W-charge or to reposition herself to hit another Q.

Lillia is defensive and offensive
There are many different ways in which Lillia can behave in a fight. Important here is also whether you use Conquerer or something like Electrocute as keystone mastery. Conquerer is better for item builds that can take a little more damage, Electrocute is more advantageous for playing styles that are designed for your own damage.

Normally a fight should start with Lillias E. This slows down your enemy and ensures that you can reach your target. The condition is, however, that no terrain or minion stands in your way. After that you should try a Q, which should be possible without problems thanks to the low cast-time. If the Q lands, you can now decide whether you want to use the Ultimate or attack the target with a W-Auto-attack combination.

In teamfights it is Lillia’s task to cause a mass of sleeping enemies with her Ultimate, in order to be able to call up her very high damage potential. The difficult thing is that Lillia has to be in a threatening position almost all the time to be effective. This leaves room for counterplay.

When it comes to item build, it’s advisable to use Lillia in the various AP/HP combinations we sometimes see on a Vladimir or Lissandra. A Liandrys or a Rylais should be a good support for Lillia. A little bit more fuelled variants could choose the Dead-Man’s-Plate or the Righteous Glory.


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