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The ranking system in VALORANT has kept the community busy since the beta. In Act 2 the system is to be completely revised again.

Due to a new leak, the revised version of the ranking system in VALORANT should be known for the next big update. Among other things there will be different levels for the radiant rank.

According to the Twitter post of Valorant Leaks, there will be five instead of three levels per rank in act 2, which is supposed to come already at the beginning of August. Furthermore, these will be indicated by new symbols.

There will therefore be no completely new ranks for the time being. Instead, there are new icons for the levels within each rank, which are now also available for the highest rank Radiant. Until now there was no distinction between different Radiant players.

With the new levels, Radiant players might have more reason to play matches. Previously, without rank decay, there was little incentive to grind further after reaching the highest rank.


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