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Epic Games follows the example of other successful Esport titles and is now converting Rocket League to free to play. Old players will get small goodies in return.

Hardly any top sports game today still has a direct price barrier for new players. After CS:GO, Rocket League will now also be converted to the free to play model this summer. This could be an important measure for the scene, which has been badly shaken by Corona and wrong decisions.

The developers have already made provisions for this: The shop should be similar to Fortnite and VALORANT, and Creator Codes should also enable support for streamers and youtubers, as Esports Talk reports.

Bonuses for old players
If you bought the game for 20 Euros, you still won’t go away empty handed. For the existing community there is the so-called “Legacy Status”. Every player who has played at least one match before the free to play update gets this status.

With the Legacy Status you get the following content:

– All non-franchise DLC that were released before the update
– “Est. 20XX” title, which shows the first year you played Rocket League
– All Common-Items will be switched to Legacy-Quality, if you do not own them all, you will get them unlocked
– Golden Cosmic Boost
– Faded Cosmos Boost
– Dieci-Oro tyres
– Huntress player banner

With the update, the game will also no longer be available in the Steam Store. New players will be able to download the game for free from the Epic Games Launcher. All Steam players will keep the game in the library.

It will also be possible to play your account across multiple platforms. To do this, you will need to link each platform to your Epic Games account.


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