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Season 4 is still going strong in the current Call of Duty. But fans are already eagerly awaiting the start of Season 5. What can you expect?
If you want information about upcoming content in CoD, you have to be strong this year. Developer Infinity Ward is keeping a very low profile.

Nevertheless, many gamers are already hot for the new Season waiting in Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare.

When is Season 5 coming?
The current Season 4 is expected to end on August 4th. So Season 5 could start the following day, August 5th, 2020.

The length of a Season is usually about two months. The start of S4 was postponed due to the Black Lives Matter protests in the USA.

What will happen with Season 5?
There are no concrete details yet. Nevertheless, the learnings from the past seasons can be applied to the new unknown.

With the release of the Battle Pass, with which Season 5 starts, there will probably be a new operator. Probably a return of “Soap”, a developer hinted at in June.

New weapons with Season 5?
Speculation about new weapons is also very high.

YouTuber PrestigeIsKey has found information for an r700 sniper rifle. He is also expecting an M200 intervention, which is also a sniper and has been remembered by many in Modern Warfare 2.

Also, an APC 9 could come into play. It was already playable for a Reddit user due to a bug, but is not yet in the game.

The CoD-Leaker ModernWarzone has also hinted at an implementation of the Shotgun Spas-12.

What will change on the Warzone map? A big fan favorite is the stadium, which currently takes up a lot of space but is blocked.

Another leak from June suggests that the stadium will soon be accessible. Also, a mobile train might appear on the map.


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