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Without the knowledge of his parents, a teenager sold almost 20,000 US dollars on Twitch. Now the mother is trying to get the money back.
On a post on the internet platform Reddit, a mother had to complain that her child had spent years of savings within 17 days. Via a debit card (EC card), which the son received to pay for his school meals, the minor cleared out his mother’s account. Through donations, twitch-bits and subscriptions, about $20,000 US dollars vanished into nothing before she noticed the damage.

After she sounded the alarm, her bank reacted immediately and froze the accounts and blocked her son’s card. Getting the money back, however, proved to be difficult, as her situation was described as “friendly fraud”. She would therefore have to file a complaint against her son so that the bank can ensure that it is not a scam. Before that, the bank would not be willing to help with the refund.

Money for streamer stars and sports stars
According to the answers of the mother in the Reddit thread, the money went mainly to well-known streamers like Tfue or Ewok as well as to NBA and NFL players streaming on Twitch.

In her attempts to get the money back somehow she also wrote to Twitch and their parent company Amazon, but without success and without answer so far. With the streamers it would look different. Some of the streamers had already reacted to her messages and she was confident that they would find a solution.

“I didn’t pay enough attention to what he was doing online.”
On Reddit, the mother went on to say that she knew, of course, that much of the responsibility for the whole affair lay with her. If it hadn’t been for her son’s carelessness in accessing the account, nothing would have happened. Furthermore, in a short statement on dotesports she also admitted that she had paid too little attention to her son’s online activities.

Nevertheless, she said she was now anxious to keep the damage as small as possible. In talks with her son she also wants to make sure that this remains “the only big mistake in his life”.


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