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A normal stream ends in a disaster for one of the players. The streamer cheats live in the stream and has to live with the consequences.
Hackers are an annoying problem in computer games. Especially in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and also in Warzone, new clips of players with extraordinary abilities keep popping up.

Cheater caught in the act!
On the platform Twitch players can stream their gameplay from various games.
The streamer TwistedBear starts its livestream by default in the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. He has no idea that this will be his last stream.

TwistedBear forgets to hide its hacks with the recording and thus delivers itself to the knife. The clip went viral in no time and even the platform Twitch became aware of him. As a consequence he gets a ban shortly after – absolutely deserved.

In the clip by Dexerto it is clearly visible that he can locate his opponents through the wall. Furthermore you can also see a red cross in the middle of the screen, which makes it easier for him to aim. In summary, TwistedBear uses a wall hack and an Aim-Help to gain advantages over other players.

Who cheats so brazenly has to expect consequences. The community is anything but speechless. They demand a stricter line in the fight against hackers from Activision.


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