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In the latest patch 10.22, Riot Games is back at the LoL champions in favor of the game. So far, the new patch features five champions who have to endure various nerfs and buffs.

The League of Legends community continues to provide input on the necessary improvements to the champions’ design, which will be implemented. Riot Games’ lead gameplay designer is keeping his followers up to date on Twitter as always:

Champion Brand is rekindled
The biggest adjustments in the new patch are made to the Champions Brand, the Burning Vengeance, and Annie, the Child of Darkness.

With Burn, the passive ability is addressed first by reducing its blast damage. Although the radius of Brand’s E ability will be significantly reduced soon, it can now set nearby enemies ablaze and gain range again with the passive ability. Brand’s ultimate ability will also become a bit more mobile, as his Fire Swirl can now be thrust at other enemies by himself instead of just by nearby enemies.

Overall, the changes will allow Brand to play in a much more offensive style, making him a valid option for mid-lane play.

Of Annie’s abilities, the E is the main focus of the new patch. Her damage will soon be reduced, the given shield will last for three seconds and the mana cost will be doubled from 20 to 40. As a buff, the shield can now be given to allies instead of just Annie herself.

With this Annie will probably even become a playable champ in the support position instead of just being bound to the mid-lane.

New features at both ends of the map
In the new patch two AD-Carries are changed with Jinx and Ashe. For Jinx, this is all about the E ability, which she can use to summon a trap. This ability will no longer deal damage over 1.5 seconds, but will instead deal the maximum amount of damage at once. Ashe is faced with a simple reduction of the arrows she fires on the W ability.

Top lane champ Nasus gets a good buff along with a smaller nerf on his ultimate ability. The resistance she gives is increased by a tidy amount and is between 40 and 70, but no longer increases by 1-3 points per second.



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