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A new unrealistic graphic effect is causing discussions in the Reddit community of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone.

Recently, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone has a DLC pack that allows you to unlock 16-bit effects. The effects stand out a little bit from the otherwise rather realistic graphics and cause discussions among the fans.

Effects cannot be switched off: The problem for many players is that the corresponding effects cannot be disabled on the client side. So even if you don’t buy the DLC, you will be confronted with it when other players use it.

Do 16-bit effects work with Call of Duty?
On Reddit, opinions are quite divided. The majority of players seem to welcome the effect. The most popular comment in the thread about the package could receive 2,100 upvotes within one day. In it the user explains VagueSomething:

“I couldn’t resist after seeing opponents popping up and getting deleted.”

But there are also numerous dissenting votes. These are not only annoyed by the 16-bit effect itself, but also by other rather weird cosmetic items like various skins and the like. In a post with more than 800 upvotes jnmann writes like this:

“I understand that many people want crazy effects and pink weapons and so on, but before release the developers talked about how hard they worked on it to make the game feel “rough”. But now they put in all these cartoon effects and way too weird camouflage and so on. It makes me wonder if these ideas really came from the developers or from Activision on the hunt for money”.

The bottom line is that they’re questioning whether these overblown effects and skins still fit Warzone and Modern Warfare. While the gameplay, in contrast to titles like Squad or Armed Assault, is much more arcadic and does not focus as much on realism, the graphics are always strongly oriented towards it.

For some players, things like the 16-bit effect disturb the basic atmosphere of the title. Lead_Sails explains the problem:

“The game was advertised with one graphic style and now switches to a completely different one. It’s like putting ultra-realistic graphics into Fortnite. It just doesn’t fit together.”

Not unlike other titles
Call of Duty is not the only game in which the content added over time deviates from the original aesthetics. Another example is Rainbow Six: Victories, which originally focused on slow and tactical multiplayer battles, but later added events around zombies and robots, as well as corresponding cosmetic items.

How do you see this? Should games follow an aesthetic, or do you appreciate the variety that comes with correspondingly twisted items? Discuss in the comments!



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