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VALORANT goes into its third act! But what comes with act 3? We will give you an overview.

On the night of Wednesday Riot Games started the third act in VALORANT. And with the third act come various innovations.

New Map Icebox
First of all, there is a new map with Icebox. This map is first tested in unevaluated mode, Spike Rush and Deathmatch. The map will probably be introduced in ranked mode on October 27th. Of course there will also be a new Battle Pass with exclusive content and 50 levels, which can be upgraded with 1000 Valorant Points (almost 10 Euro).

The update for act 3 is 1.6 GB in size.

Ranked mode with updates
Regarding the ranked mode in Act 3, Riot himself writes: “The middle of the Act Rank badge is the ninth best victory. At the top of the badge you will also see the highest rank you have achieved. The badge is only shown in the following places on the player card: Ranked lobbies, loading screen, in-game combat report and MVP at the end of the game.”

Furthermore, from Wednesday on, only ranked lobbies are possible, where the ranks are maximum three places apart. This means that Diamond 3 players can only play together with Platinum 3 players at most. Previously, the gap was six ranks.

From the rank Immortal/Immortal on, only victories, defeats and the overall result for promotions and relegations are evaluated. The individual performance has no influence anymore.

More players at Deathmatch
The number of players in Deathmatch has been increased from 10 to 14. Furthermore the locating pulse is now displayed on the minimap and can only be seen during spawning. Furthermore, up to 40 Frags (instead of 30) are now played.

After a frag, the weapon is automatically reloaded, the Ares and Odin get 30 bullets back. In addition there is now 900 EP for the longer match duration in case of a victory.

All other new features can be found in detail in the post from Riot Games. Among other things, the tournament mode has been revised and now allows 12 observers.

New Agent Skye
With every act comes a new agent. Skye can heal and track down enemies. All information about the new agent can be found here. The healer will be introduced in game on October 27.



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