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The last patch is hardly a few days live on the LoL servers, when Riot announces the next one. This time with twelve changed champions.

The first preview of the upcoming League of Legends patch has arrived.

As always published by Riot Games leading LoL gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter via Twitter, this preview gives first insights into the developers’ world of thoughts: What they are currently working on and how the rift meta should be brought back into balance or stabilized. For the upcoming patch, which will be released on Wednesday, July 8th, a total of twelve champions will be changed.

Volibear and Wukong getting weaker
The last weeks were clearly marked by the newly designed Volibear. Shortly after the rework of the Thunder God was unleashed on the players, it was clear that it had ticked a little too much, similar to its predecessor rework of Fiddlesticks. Accordingly, the giant white bear appeared dominant in the last weeks and terrorized the top lane and the jungle no matter if in casual play or with the pros.

Also Riot Games did not remain hidden this development. Accordingly, they would like to turn a few set screws to make the new Volibear kit more balanced. With Wukong, there is also a champion on the Nerf list who is familiar with this course, but has not stopped him from continuing to dominate the rift.

A total of six champions will be hit by the Nerf Hammer:

– Ezrael
– Pyke (Mid)
– Trundle
– Varus
– Volibear
– Wukong

You say Nerf, you gotta say Buff
While on the one hand there are champions like Volibear or Wukong, who dominate the rift in a certain way with their performance, on the other hand there are always a few out of 148 champions, who are the exact opposite. With Zed, Karthus, Alistar, or Pyke in the support position, Riot takes on four such champions in the next patch, who are a bit behind in the current meta.

With Pyke it was already clear before this announcement in which direction he wants to go. After all, he was already on the list in the recently announced “Balance Goals” by Riot Games. Although his Magic Resistance and the Armor he gains per level will be reduced, his Q will be strengthened in all areas: mana cost will be reduced, coolown will be shortened and damage will be increased. These changes weaken him as a solo lancer, but make him all the stronger as a support on the bot lane.

In addition to Pyke, five other champions will be buffed:

– Alistar
– Carthus (Mid)
– Kha’Zix
– Sejuani
– Zed

As always, this is only the first version of the patch preview and therefore further changes are not excluded. More details on the nerfs and buffs of each champion should be released in the coming days.


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