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Since 30.06 CoD: Season 4 Reloaded is available. The update brings bigger Warzone lobbies, a new weapon and map and better weapon balance.

New map, new weapon, MP5- and Grey Nerf: With the new CoD update the game will be bigger again by some content. This will test the patience of PC gamers in particular, as the download is 36 gigabytes in size. Console players of Call of Duty have to download a little less.

200-player lobbies
On Verdansk, things might get a little tighter in the future: If you play the Quads mode, you can now compete for first place with 199 other players. The big mode is only available for a limited time, and currently the 200-player lobbies are only available for the quad mode.

There are also new weapons in the Gulag. Players who retire early in Warzone can now engage in 1v1 combat armed with snipers, semi-automatic weapons or even just fists and a throwing knife. With the shooting irons, this should now take a little longer than before.

But there are also new things to see in the regular match: With the “Supply Run” orders, you can stock up on items at a buying station for a narrow taler. There is also the completely new spotter scope, with which you can mark enemies at long distances. In contrast to the Sniper Rifles, the enemies can’t spot you by the glitter of the telescope.

Many new features in the Multiplayer
There are also some new features for the players of the regular multiplayer: The new Cheshire Park map starts directly with a 24/7 playlist, so you can quickly get used to the layout. The popular Shipment 24/7 playlist is also coming back.

With a weapons challenge or a blueprint from the shop you can now get the new Sniper Rifle called Rytec AMR. It’s very similar to the Barrett .50 from Modern Warfare 2, but it deals more damage than the Dragunov, but is just as semi-automatic.

Also in the shop you can get a new bundle with the operator Roze, who always welcomed you when starting the game in Season 4. As with the other operators, the bundle costs 2400 points.

Weapon Balancing
Especially for the competitive side of Call of Duty players, this news is probably the biggest change of the new update: The MP5 and the Gray 5.56 are generated.

The MP5 gets a lower range for both ammunition variants. In addition, the 10mm ammunition will do less damage over long distances and will have a stronger recoil. This should also make the weapon jump more from side to side.

The Grau 5.56 will get a similar treatment: the range will become worse and the recoil will increase slightly. In addition, the Tempus 26.4″ Archangel and FSS 20.8″ Nexus barrels will compensate less recoil in the future and offer less range.

In contrast, many other weapons and attachments that have hardly been played so far have been buffed. These include almost all sniper rifles and DMRs, the FAL and the AK-47, and even shotgun ammunition for shotguns gets a decent power boost. You can read the exact details in the official patch notes.


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