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A new day, a new eSports organisation. However, Guild Esports is not just a fresh name, behind it is a great personality of football.

Some footballers have already played it. Bernd Leno, Mesut Özil, Antoine Griezmann – they are all owners or partners of an eSports organisation.

More and more industry members are realising that this idea could be economically profitable and ensure the retention of young fans.

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David Beckham is now the so-called “first pop star of football” to enter eSports. As co-owner of Guild Esports, he holds the reins in his own hands and does not only serve as a face of the brand.

Its stake amounts to up to $31 million, which is gradually pumped into the organization. In an official publication, David Beckham talked about the new challenge.

“During my career, I was fortunate enough to work with players of the highest level and learned first-hand what passion and will mean at this level. I also see this dedication among our eSports athletes today. At Guild, we have a vision to set new standards and guide these players into the future. Our goal is to promote and motivate young talent through our Academy systems. I look forward to helping grow our Guild Esports team.”


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