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League of Legends

On Wednesday it was announced that the mobile version of the game Legends of Runeterra can already be played in Singapore. Through reddit.com, however, other ways are already opening up.
Legends of Runeterra is a digital trading card game from Riot Games and entered the open beta phase six weeks ago.

The game is already available for mobile download in Singapore via the Google Play Store and the App Store. Other countries have to wait until now, if you are at least not a user of the platform reddit.com.

Link to the APK file on reddit.com
Shortly after the release a link was posted on reddit.com which should contain the APK file of the game (APK means Android Application Package).

Warning: APK files that are not verified by the Google Play Store should only be installed on the phone at your own risk. There is no guarantee that these files will work or that they do not contain viruses.

Visually almost identical
Visually, the game looks exactly like the PC version. The only difference is in the positioning of the cards. If you don’t need your own hand, the cards land in the lower right corner.

However, by clicking on the cards, they will reappear as usual in the lower center of the screen.

Legends of Runeterra rather on your mobile phone or on your PC? Which do you prefer? Write us your opinion about our social media!


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