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Just before the official release of VALORANT, Riot unveiled the eleventh agent. Reyna from Mexico is going to stir up the meta properly.

Over Twitter the developer showed a short gameplay teaser about Reyna in which she demonstrates her skills:

Thanks to an early report from millenium.gg we already know what their abilities do.

The linchpin of Reyna is her passive ability. As you can see in the teaser, eliminated enemies leave behind black bullets that Reyna can absorb. Depending on the chosen ability there is a different effect. With Q, Reyna heals herself while with E she does no damage for three seconds.

Her third ability is a Flash. Reyna summons an orb that blinds her opponents for a short time. You can see this in the last part of the trailer where Jett is blinded, so Reyna can take her out of the game without any problems. According to the report her Ultimate is a Stim Pack. This increases Reyna’s rate of fire and reduces the cooldown of her abilities. If you use E for the duration of the Stim Pack you should even be able to become invisible.

How exactly Reyna’s abilities work will only be seen in the release on June 2nd.


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