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VALORANT is finally here! Since June 2nd at 7am Riot Games Shooter VALORANT has officially started into its first season.
VALORANT is finally here! As planned, the servers went online, at least in most regions.

After the first servers in Korea, Japan and most of the countries at the Asian Pacific went online shortly after midnight, the European countries, among others, were able to rejoice at 7 am.

The first season not only gets a new name, namely “Ignition”, but also a new agent.

Agentin Reyna in Valorant Patch 1.0Before the launch of Valorant it was already announced that the game will get new skins, new maps and new agents.

The new agent is a duellist called “Reyna”. Even before the launch her abilities were announced.

Besides the new agent, a new map will also be introduced. “Ascent” is a map with a big middle part for big fights with access to both spike places. According to Riot Games, the map should appear more often in the beginning than the other two maps you already know from the beta phase.

New beta with “Spike-Rush
Within the full version, however, a new beta phase is taking place. The new game mode “Spike Rush” finds its way into the game and brings a breath of fresh air. Here it’s all about being the first to secure the spike.

While this mode will surely still receive one or two bug fixes, many bugs in the game have already been removed.

Hit registration was fixed
Often clear hits were not registered as such by the game. This accuracy has now been improved. Fixed balance problems between the agents.

Sage and Raze were too strong and were generated accordingly. The abilities of Jett and Pheonix got a buff.


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