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In the constant fight against Cheater, Riot took the next blow: more than 3700 VALORANT theaters were permanently banished.
If Vanguard strikes, it’s right. More than 3,700 Cheaters have found out today. They were given a hardware ID ban, although they sometimes used premium chats for several hundred dollars.

Due to the nature of the ban, it is no longer possible for these fraudsters to continue playing with a new account. Hardware ID banners recognize the computer that accesses Riot’s software. Thus, a riot game can no longer be played on these devices and Cheaters would have to purchase a new computer directly.

Successful messages are displayed
If you report via the Intake Tools, you will now also receive a report if they are banned. However, the feature is not yet fully mature and does not currently display the Cheater Riot ID.

In addition, you will only see the message if you are in the game yourself at the time of the spell. Riot developer Paul “arkem” Chamberlain assures, however, that work is being done on the feud.


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