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Anyone who has spent a few rounds in VALORANT’s ranked mode knows the importance of a good Sova player on the team. For prospective Sova players there is now help for lineups from the community.

Who doesn’t know it – in the picking phase your teammates instantly decide to take all your main agents. What is left over? A selection of Jett, Sova and Agents that are not yet unlocked.

So what does the profit-oriented player do? Take Sova, since it’s the best way to get information for the team. But there’s a problem: Those who rarely play the riot hanzo hardly know lineups for their most important skill: the reconnaissance arrows.

Rescue from the Internet
But for ambitious players this is no longer a problem. If you take 20 minutes, you can learn all the important arrows on one map. Reddit-User Sec-Student wants to make sure of that.

He has developed a program with which you can look at the most important arrow lineups, so that you don’t have to find them out yourself forever. Just start into a custom match and see from the screenshots how it works. Now you are ready for your next match with the blond hunter.

Good alternative on the Internet
A very similar function has also the website blitz.gg recently added to their website. But at the moment there are a few more arrows in the app on Reddit, which you can watch. But Blitz.gg is a bit more aesthetically designed and you can quickly share any lineup with others.

Of course you can find more tips for ranked play on our website. With the preparation you’ll get the highest rank in the game.


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