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Surprising but deserved: The Brazilians of FURA beat the top team of Team Liquid. Now they are up against another surprise in the final.

In the North America group of the ESL One Road to Rio the two finalists have been determined. FURIA beat TL in the semi-final 2-0 (16:14, 16:12) and enters the final.

The Brazilians emerged as the group head and thus went straight to the semi-finals. Liquid first had to beat 100Thieves before they reached the final against KSCERATO and Co.

In the other NA tournament arm Gen.G won 2:1 against Cloud9 in the semi-final after a convincing group (16:10, 13:16, 16:6). C9 won against Cloud9 before. I said good bye to the favorite teams EG and mibr even before the knockout phase in the group.

The NA final is this Sunday at 22:00. You can watch it LIVE here.

European playoffs without Fnatic
In Europe’s Group A, the decisions are also up for grabs and Fnatic has to forego the knockout rounds, as do CompLexity, Dignitas and ENCE. Astralis, NiP is directly in the semi-finals, Heretics and Vitality have to go through the quarter-finals.

In group B FaZe is already number 1. The team will meet NiP. Mousesports has to say goodbye to the playoff efforts despite the match still to come.

The ESL One Road to Rio is the new qualification mode for the postponed Rio Major, which is now scheduled to be played this autumn. Besides the Road to there are other tournaments where teams can earn qualification points.


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