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In addition to the regular game, Riot Games has already implemented a new mode for the launch. But when will Deathmatch finally come?

With the mode “Spike Rush” Riot has already implemented a more entertaining game form in his new shooter VALORANT. Since its launch on June 2nd, players can play a fast game in best-of-seven, in which every attacker has a spike to the planet.

In a blog entry, Riot discusses the new mode and also clarifies the question of whether there will be a Deathmatch mode. “Our beta players are already screaming pretty loudly for a deathmatch-like mode. I can’t give you a fixed start date yet, but I can tell you that our team has heard the players’ request loud and clear and is already working on the technology needed to integrate a deathmatch-like mode into VALORANT,” developer Darkhorse4Life wrote in the blog.

In addition, other modes are already in a prototype state and Spike Rush is also currently in a beta state. Many gamers would like to have a DM mode as a training option in addition to the current shooting range. In Deathmatch you spawn directly after each death, so that a fast gaming experience without a break is created.


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