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The Twitch Rivals event is the first major VALORANT tournament. The final match showed that the game might not be quite ready for the big stage yet.

At the final of the streamer tournament Twitch Rivals: VALORANT the Turkish team wtcN competed against the Eastern Europeans of Team Duno, where for example the former Gambit Esports player Dmitriy “dimasick” Matvienko played.

On the new map Ascent, however, a faux pas occurred, which would have caused a little more excitement in a real Esports tournament. The player Kerimhan “kerimhan” Duman simply fell through the map.

The confusion of the casters was correspondingly great. “Where did you end up?” Pansy asked her fellow cast members. Kerimhan took the problem into his own hands and flew back to the spot where he had been before with the help of in-game cheats.

Because of the long shortage his team lost the round. The player did not take advantage of the situation to gain an unfair advantage. The match continued as normal.

Despite losing the round, the Turkish team won the final 2-0 according to Maps and was able to secure the prize money of 12,250 dollars.

Nevertheless: Such mistakes should not happen with an Esport title. Until real tournaments start, Riot still has to work hard.


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