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How do you find a team and how do you get better? VALORANT is fresh out and of course many gamers want the big career. Which tips can you follow?
There is no clear esports scene in VALORANT yet. First teams of professional players from other games have gathered, like the German lineup of VALORANDO around the ex-PUBGlers of G2.

But how do you get into a scene as fast as possible? We have collected some approaches to make the first steps in VALORANT-Esport.

Play, play, play
If you play a lot, you usually get better. At the moment, you can only play Unranked, but even there you will get better with time. Mostly first friendships are formed in the games, which can lead to a team.

Every ambitious gamer should know the basics of every agent. In our guides (complete list below in the article) we have explained all characters in detail. In addition, a look at twitch streams of good gamers like shroud, brax or zonixx is advisable to copy things.

Find Team and Scrims
If you feel secure in the game and are still looking for mates, you will not be able to avoid popular discord servers.

The ex-CS:GO professional zonixx has found a discord for team and scrim search. Also in solo you can find mates and if necessary team members.

Even more is going on in the German language discord of the VALORANT Facebook group. There you can find gamers for joint gaming almost every hour.

Play tournaments
Once you have found a team, you can register for your first tournaments. Open qualifiers are also available for larger tournaments, although large tournaments are still to be expected after the release.

In the beta phase there were also weekly tournaments at 99Valorant. Currently there is an overview of open tournaments on the VALORANT page of TOORNAMENT.


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