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Players who don’t like the new Ascent card or have played it too often already can be happy. The map loses its “presented” status with immediate effect. This means that you will only play it as often as all other maps in the future.

The VALORANT developers have posted the news on Twitter: “From now on Ascent will no longer be a presented map. All cards should now have an equal chance of showing up in your matches.”

The map was played more often at the launch of the game to reduce the experience difference between new players and beta testers a bit. So even experienced players could be offered something new.

Apart from the balancing effect, the map should also be thoroughly tested by the community. The more players tested the map, the faster the developers at Riot could fix bugs. This was no longer necessary for the other maps, as they were already played in the beta.

Currently, the VALORANT developers have not shared any information about changes on Ascent or the strongly anticipated Ranked mode. However, it is very likely that we will see changes again in the near future.


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