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After the departure of Mixer Streamingstar Ninja is still without a new home. Now a test stream is said to have hinted at a new deal.
When the Microsoft platform Mixer announced the end in June, it also meant the end for the million-dollar exclusive contracts of stars like Ninja or shroud.

It wasn’t until 2019 that Tyler “Ninja” Blevins switched from Twitch to Mixer with media impact. Now he is without a contract because he is said to have refused a big Facebook deal and had the remaining contract period paid out, as journalist Richard Lewis reported.


Meanwhile Ninja has also started his first official stream on YouTube after the mixer deal. Last Wednesday he played together with Dr Lupo and CouRage and broadcasted this on the platform.

With the VoD of the transmission Ninja directly secured a placement in the gaming trends. During the stream itself, more than 100,000 viewers were almost continuously present.

But the stream should not have indicated an exclusive binding.

According to journalist Rod “Slasher” Breslau, no decision has yet been made in favour of a streaming service.

Is he going to YouTube now?
Even though the Twitch channel of Ninja has already been updated but not yet streamed, the future home is unknown. On Twitter, the superstar only wrote that he wanted to weigh up options.

Fans have now discovered a test stream on YouTube, which has been deleted in the meantime. This could be a sign for a change to YT – or just an attempt to get to know the live platform.

Fun was promised

Jessica Blevins, ninja’s wife and manager, promised via Twitter for this week “fun”. So it seems a decision may be in the offing.

On YouTube, Ninja already has 23.8 million subscribers through his videos. However, the videos have not yet been streamed on a grand scale. Other big names like PewDiePie or CouRage have already been snatched up by the Google video service.


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