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In patch 1.03 VALORANT players can expect a new overtime format. In the future a team needs two won rounds in a row for a victory.
The ranked mode of VALORANT shall become fairer. With the patch 1.03 released on Wednesday, both teams will have to play one round each as attacker and one as defender to win a game in overtime.

In the new overtime format, all players start each round with 5,000 credits and four missing points to the Ult. After the first round, the game is not finished as before and the winner of the round is declared the winner. Instead, a change of sides takes place and another round must be played. If the same team wins again, there is a match winner.

Players vote on the overtime
For the first overtime to take place, at least five players must vote for extra time, the second overtime requires eight players and from the third overtime onwards all players must vote to continue the game. Otherwise the match changes with a draw.

Developer Riot Games explains the sense behind a draw in the patch notes. Even in the event of a draw, League Points are awarded for both teams. League Points are crucial for achieving a higher rank in the game.

Reaction to critical Sudden Death
Before the new overtime format was introduced, a “Sudden Death” round was played. The winner of this decisive round won the entire match. The system was regularly criticized because the team on the preferred side of the map (attacker or defender) had a clear advantage.

Thus, Riot Games responded to the critical tones of the community and fundamentally changed the overtime format. In casual mode, which has no effect on in-game rank, the game continues to be played with a single “Sudden Death” round.

In addition to the new overtime format, Riot Games has also added a buff to the “Guardian” rifle, allowing Brimstone to place his Stim Beacons on the ceiling. From July 10th, a living dragon will also be available as a skin in the game.


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