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Riot Games has released an update for VALORANT. The Guardian comes into focus and is significantly improved.
With the patch 1.03 Riot Games tackles a still very unpopular weapon. The Guardian becomes cheaper (2500 instead of 2700) and the fire rate is now 4.75 (6.5 before). In addition it now has a heavy penetrating power (previously medium).

So the Guardian should become a better alternative to the Phantom or Vandal, both of which cost 2900 and are usually played when money is good. The lower rate of fire is supposed to weaken the Guardian in close combat situations, though, which makes this weapon more suited for ranged combat.

Exactly when the update will be in play is still open. According to a tweet that has been deleted in the meantime, it should go live at 15:00. During the test at 16:00 on July 7th it was not yet integrated.

Riot also made some bugfixes and added a tournament mode for own games. There all gamers can use the match timer cheat without having access to the other cheats. In the spectator mode there is also a mod function which allows more possibilities.

For the spike-rush mode there is now a new special orb called “twin hunter”, which sends out two wolves after picking them up, which sense the next two opponents.


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