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Riot Games has announced the newest champion for League of Legends, Lillia. The new heroine is a jungler who can put enemies to sleep.

Riot Games has introduced a new addition to the Champion lineup via video. Lillia is a mixture of man and deer and is to be placed in the Jungle role. Already for some days fans had speculated about Lillia, because the name and appearance of the champion had been leaked.

Lila’s abilities are thematically designed around dreams. She can put enemies to sleep with her Ultimate and causes magic damage with all her abilities. This makes her similar to Elise a jungler who mainly relies on ability power.

The full skill kit of the new champion can be seen in the following video:

Lillia will be released on the occasion of the Spirit Blossom event with patch 10.15 on 22 July. Riot Games had previously indicated a “masked Assassin” as a new champion, which is also scheduled for release in the near future.


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