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Twitch Prime becomes Twitch Gaming. The Amazon Prime service on Twitch is to get a new name and a lot of new content.

The Amazon service “Twitch Prime” shall be called “Twitch Gaming” in the future and shall offer many new possibilities and contents. This was written by the Esport expert Rod “Slasher” Breslau in a tweet on Monday.

According to the leak, the service should be renamed and expanded. For subscribers to the service, there will be an extensive catalog of in-game items for the most popular games and the cross-platform.

Complete games as drop
In the future, complete games will also be available as drops that Twitch users can keep permanently without additional costs. Games from indie developers as well as from large studios will be included.

As in the past, it will also be possible to subscribe to a free streamer once a month. Despite the significant expansion, the new service will remain part of the Amazon Prime subscription.


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