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VALORANT has taken the esport scene by storm. Even before its release, the organizations have already risen to the hype train. Now also Team Liquid joins the growing competition area of VALORANT.

VALORANT is the perfect symbiosis of FPS shooter and fighting with skills that you are used to in MOBAs. After there are now more frequent tournaments of the Ignition Series, more and more organizations are entering the Esport scene of VALORANT. Team Liquid now announces their new team.

In the video Team Liquid introduces the new team. The players are introduced once and at the same time you get a good overview of the potential of the team. Some ingenious kills and clutch situations of the players are to be seen.
The most famous name in the team is ScreaM, who leaves the professional CS:GO scene behind to take off in VALORANT. The team played under the name fish123 before it was signed by Team Liquid.

These are the players

Adam Ec1s Eccles – He is the leader of the team and will be seen most of the time on Breach, Omen or Sage. Ec1s therefore sets the pace of the team and organizes the attacks/defense. Not only does he have brains, but he is also a beast with the operator.

Dom Soulcas Sulcas – The player will often be seen on Raze and Sova. He is responsible for the Flankwatch.

James Kryptix Affleck – Kryptix and Soulcas have known each other for several years. They are a perfectly well-rehearsed duo. Kryptix is the man when it comes to holding a bombsite. With Cypher he sets traps everywhere and lets the enemies run into their ruin in a cold way.

Travis L1nk Mendoza – He is an absolute beast when it comes to kills. L1nk can play any agent – most of the time he’ll be playing Sage, Sova or Viper. Even if the enemies think they have lured him into a trap, he will find a way out.

Adil ScreaM Benrlitom – The former CS:GO pro does not need to be introduced. The community knows and respects the Belgian. He is an enrichment for Team Liquid.

Connor Sliggy Blomfield – With 5 years of experience in the coaching business in CS:GO he now supports the team in VALORANT as a coach.

We are curious if the players of Team Liquid will prevail in the future. The potential is definitely there. We keep you up to date!


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