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The fifth season in Call of Duty Warzone holds some secrets. A mystery has been discovered in the bunkers under the now open stadium.
With the fifth season in Warzone the red key cards have returned. After only a few days of play time the first players have discovered interesting secrets.

The players found what they were looking for in the bunkers under the stadium. Because with the update the roof of the arena was blown open, which made a large area accessible.

To get to the first part of the puzzle, players must open the bunker door with a red key card. Behind it, besides lots of loot and in-game money, is the first part of the puzzle.

But just looking at it the puzzle is meaningless. Because you can only see a computer screen, on which strange numbers and symbols appear. The Reddit community is already busy puzzling over the meaning of the characters and suspects a kind of code to open further bunker doors.


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