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Ninja is looking for a new streaming home. After short comebacks on YouTube, now came the return to Twitch. But this is not yet permanent.
A first stream with DrLupo and a cheeky Tweet.

This is the return of Ninja to Twitch in the first step. On Tuesday evening the superstar briefly started his broadcast. On his old account he still has almost 15 million followers and also over 95.000 live viewers give the impression that he never left.

Since the closure of Microsoft’s mixer, the streaming superstar is without a new platform at home. There he had an exclusive contract. Now he is looking for the right deal for himself and his work.

A permanent decision for Twitch has not been made by the one stream. “If we were on Facebook, I would say that the relationship is complicated,” he describes the current streaming situation himself.

So the fans continue to grope in the dark. Also on YouTube he could be seen after the end of the mixer. The ex-CS:GO pro shroud is also on the road without a new exclusive deal and tweeted no more than two teasers without much information in the last weeks.

Whether the two superstars can be seen on one platform again is unclear. In the case of the mixer deal, eight-digit amounts were rumored in the case of Ninja.

On Twitch he became an “affiliate” again very quickly at least due to his return. But that will certainly not be enough as an incentive for a return.


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