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The Verdansk stadium is a hot spot in Warzone Season 5, and now a bug in Call of Duty’s Battle Royale is causing invisible players at the hotspot to take out their opponents with no resistance.

Eerie things are happening in the Verdansk stadium of Call of Duty Warzone, reports the website Dexerto. Players are taken out of the game by invisible forces. What sounds like a case from “The X-Files” is apparently a bug in Season 5.

Joe “MerK” Deluca posted a video on Twitter on Sunday showing one of these incidents. MerK is running in an outside aisle of the stadium and wants to look out a window. Suddenly he is shot down. He cannot defend himself, because the opponent is invisible to him.

In retrospect, you see the scene as a replay from the opponent’s point of view. MerK’s Oppenent was crouched right next to him in a pile of junk. MerK’s face spoke volumes: He was speechless after the shot and called his video “Simply outplayed”.

Verdansk stadium is a hotspot
The people concerned are not really played off. The problem with the invisible enemies should be in several places on the map. This is problematic because the stadium is one of the most popular and most contested places in Warzone. There is a lot of loot there, moreover there is a riddle to solve which is located below Verdansk in the bunkers.

With a bit of luck you can discover the invisible enemies, because sometimes the weapon barrels stick out of their hiding places. The hidden bow users cannot leave their positions during a round. For the others it is therefore necessary to explore the area very carefully.

The developer Activision has not yet commented on the bug. The players certainly hope that this problem will quickly disappear into thin air – just as their opponents are doing unintentionally.


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